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Address:Datang town, zhuji city, zhejiang province longtan road517Number
Contacts:Manager zhang
The phone:0575-87738788

        The company has passed the certification of the following customer's inspection:Wrap / Target / Wal-Mart / Li&Fung
        Zhuji city rong xing knitting co., LTDIs located in zhuji city, zhejiang province, the town of datang hosiery characteristic industrial park。Has the fixed asset3000More than ten thousand yuan,Workshop floor area20000Square meters。We mainly produce the particularity of the socks and sandals,Machinery and equipment have Italian imports84NTransfer hosiery machine30Taiwan,120NTransfer hosiery machine30Taiwan; The horse teck full computer double cylinder machine,Can three color jacquard diameter is4Inches176NThe machine28Taiwan;Barcelona from the Italian computer double cylinder machine,Diameter is4.5Inches84NThe machine56Taiwan,96NThe machine20Taiwan,56NThe machine62Taiwan;Diameter is5.5Inches56NThe machine10Taiwan; 168NThe machine80Taiwan; And equipped with corresponding......[To learn more]

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